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1. Click your Level and Subject

Click the Level and Subject tabs to find the classroom you should be joining.

2. Select your session

Choose the correct session that you are enrolled in for your regular classes.

3. Enter your Name & Access Code

Your access code is the same for each week and has been sent to you via email or WhatsApp.

4. Click on "Join"

After clicking on "Join", you will be brought to our virtual classroom.

P1E SAT 1100-1300

P2E SAT 0845-1045

Room selection:

P3S SAT 1100-1300

Room selection:

Room selection:

Room selection:

P5S TUE 1600-1800

Room selection:

Room selection:

P6S SAT 0845-1045

P6M SUN 1330-1530

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S1M SAT 1330-1530

S2E SAT 1330-1530

S2M SAT 1100-1300

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S3EM FRI 1600-1800


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Worksheet Submission Timeline

Complete worksheet on day of lesson

Just like our in-school classes, the worksheets should be completed on the same day as the lesson.

Mail out worksheet by the next day

Place the completed worksheet in one of the provided envelopes, and mail it back to us by the next day.

RGCFS will mail marked scripts back to you

As long as we receive the worksheets within 5 days of the lesson, we can mark it an mail it back to you within 13 days.

Frequently asked questions

The Future School Virtual Classroom is an in-house platform hosted on servers dedicated to RGCFS. It is an interactive classroom that allows the teacher and student to see each other face-to-face and use tools to interact with each other. Students can see our teachers teaching, participate in quizzes and ask questions in real time. It is as if they are in the centre attending our lessons. Please take note that the lesson is like a video conference. It is NOT a ‘live’ streaming session or a video presentation.

Lessons will continue at the usual timeslots. There is no need to reschedule your children’s timetable. If your child has to miss a lesson, they can join another class at our usual timings. Please call us to do a replacement lesson.

We believe that online learning is a viable alternative, if done correctly. Hence, we have implemented the following measures:
  • Students will still be writing on hardcopy worksheets. 
  • If we find students are still lagging, we’ll be providing additional physical makeup lessons to help bring your child to the required standard, if the conditions allow. 
Ultimately this is in preparation for a lockdown, if it happens. Learning still needs to continue in these circumstances. We believe that our children are adaptable and resilient and fully capable of getting used to online learning.
To ensure that your children are fully engaged, we will be implementing the following measures: 
  • Our platform is designed to be an interactive classroom. 
  • Our teachers can see your child’s face to ensure that they are paying attention. 
  • They will be asking for real-time feedback to check if they are paying attention. 
  • We will be marking hardcopies of their worksheets to measure the effectiveness of the class.

We will be giving you a hardcopy of the lessons, with instructions on when each lesson is to be used. This way, you do not need a printer and the students can also answer questions on paper.

We will be providing self-stamped envelopes so that you can put the worksheets in and send them to us. Once we have marked them, we will be sending them back to you. All we require of you is to send them back to RGCFS within TWO days so that we can receive them in time. We would also like you to take photos of them in case they get lost in the mail.

We highly encourage all parents to consider getting access to a computer. This is especially so as MOE is making a push for education to move online. We are also concerned that we are moving towards a full lockdown. In that event, all learning, including MOE schools, will be online.

Furthermore, our system is browser based. In other words, all you need is a computer system that has a browser installed (Chrome, Firefox and Safari are recommended). All you need is a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone.

All that is required is a typical broadband connection.

We own our platform and we use a dedicated server. Hence, it is unlikely to crash. However, in the unlikely event that there are issues, our in-house team will be able to rectify it as soon as possible.

You can either call us at 6344-3398 or WhatsApp us at 8783-7133.